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(re: What’s your attitude towards fan-projects?) As part of the sale of Sierra I gave up all rights to all games, as did Roberta. Neither of us has the right to do anything with any Sierra product – even Kings Quest (which Roberta wrote).

When I ran Sierra, I loved these kinds of projects. I don’t know the people that are running Sierra now, so I don’t know how they feel about them.

Personally, Roberta and I wouldn’t get involved in one, but mostly because of creative issues. I always think that games should be designed by one person. If Roberta were involved in a project, she would want to have total control. It would have to be something that wasn’t connected to any Sierra game (or, they would sue us). With all that said, if she (or I) were to ever do a game again (which I doubt) it would be through some game company assigning us a development team.

-Ken W