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(re: re: Congratulations!)

Hi Ken,

thanks for your answers.
It would be great if you could upload those video(s) for us 🙂 I’m not the only one who wants to have it since we are at least 10 persons (within my circle of friends) who loved the old aventures made by Sierra (and – if I’m allowed to say that *hehe* – LucasFilmGames).

If you want to you can send me an eMail with the link or
publish it here!

Okay, let’s get a little further, Roberta: Let’s say Sierra WOULD indeed give you the chance to create a new King’s Quest game (btw. why wouldn’t they want? I know, Sierra seems to be more some kind of publisher than developer nowadays but moving “backwards” can mean a big jump to the front sometimes!) – would you accept some kind of co-creator besides you? And what about Phantasmagoria which was a fantastic game? Did you keep the rights for that series? (Or Jane Jensen?)

I wish you both luck with your ongoing life and I hope that this site will stay as a reminder for all the people who loved the old Sierra adventures.

Many greetings
Florian Holzbauer