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(re: Congratulations!) “Ah, by the way… I had this King’s Quest Collection long time ago (with KQ 1-6 and a demo of KQ 7 on it). There was a video with “The Fun has just begun” or stuff on it. Is it possible to get that video from somewhere since I can’t find the CD anymore. Thanks for your answer(s)!”
I just bought a video digitizer. If I get some time this week I’ll upload it!
-Ken W
PS Thanks for all the comments.
PS2 – I forgot to answer your first question about whether Roberta would advise on a new Kings Quest game. I asked Roberta this and she said “no way” – if Sierra would ask her to do a Kings Quest, she would be delighted to do it (which they won’t). But the idea, of giving ideas to someone else on a game that isn’t hers sounds doomed to failure (which is kind of what went wrong on KQ8).