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You’re all forgetting [or just not knowing about] Peter Whatever-his name is’s [or was his name even peter?] AGI studio. With that, you can open old Sierra games, edit, excract, compile, and create your own coding, backgrounds, animations, etc. It’s the exact same enging Sierra used, according to the website, although since it was finished some odd number of years ago, nothing has been updated. It’s the program I used to make some of my first games, and helped me learn to program. Great program, try searching for it on google or somethin, cause I don’t remember the site. As for SCI Studio; I downloaded that I while ago, too, and was working on a game with it until I downloaded Adventure Game Studio, which is easier to use. I’ve still been waiting for B.P. to release the VGA version, cause his site hasn’t been updated in many months[last time I checked].