Reply To: AGI Interpreter Recoding


(re: re: re: Ken Williams Q&A) I’ve been a long time campainer for SCUMMVM. It’s a cool piece of software 🙂
When they started out, they started from scratch and wrote the SCUMM interpreter from trial and error. Consequently, it has taken years to get where they are with supporting Lucasarts games.
Now, just about EVERYONE who uses it (SCUMMVM) would love Sierra adventures to run inside the environment. IMO, this isn’t going to happen without one thing – source code. The SCUMMVM team have had huge support of late from a couple of companies – Revolution gave them source (and support) for Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword 1 & 2 and John Passfield recently gave them the source code to Flight of the Amazon Queen. This latest title is being worked on at the moment and will probably be available for the next major release. I’ve been in conversation with the project leader over future games (a subject they are *very* dismissive over) and it’s clear that the SCUMMVM team has neither the time or energy to start from scratch supporting any other games. It’d be a huge task as there were a considerable number of Sierra games released! However, if they did have the source code and had people on the development team willing to live and breath a game for several months then ‘it’ would eventually happen.
There are a couple of other interpreters available: The most prominent AGI intepreter out there is NAGI – it supports pretty much all you’d want to support! However, SCI is the main issue – FreeSCI is good but doesn’t support SCI1 which drives at least one game with most issues under a modern OS (Gabriel Knight 1).
Here’s to the future, should there be one 😉