Reply To: Larry is going to college!


(re: re: re: re: Larry is going to college!) Doing an LSL action game is completely pointless, because the Larry persona has never had anything to do with action. If they wanted to do an action game they could easily make a character up.
I think that the visuals of the game will be different, because this Larry will be the first “real” 3D-Larry, probably looking somewhat like the 3D rendered Larry we know from the rather old “test” avi clip Al Lowe has put up on
(although all the games have been labelled 3-D animated adventure games the only quest games I know of that actually used rendered 3D graphics were KQ8 and QFG5, following, once more, the call of the future – which eventually seemed to say “adventure games are soon to die, they offer too little action and force people to think indesirably effortfully. Bad for the market!” ;o)
So Josh Mandel may have found the game’s appeal more similar to GTA than the former Larry games and he was definitely joking about that and mocking the Larry fans uprising everywhere (there’s no way the folks at Vivendi don’t know about
and the hordes of fans eager to play a new LSL game and angry that Al isn’t in it.) However, I think that the 3D environment that is being used in the game and in any other game that’s being marketed nowadays will doubtlessly stage the same seduce-and-lose-stew gamers are used to from Larry.
Question: Is Josh Mandel in the design team? And if so, why isn’t Al Lowe?