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This would be something definitely that we could add to the DVD Video Archive. Once we get the ball rolling on the Video Archive we will orgranize a list of everything that we want to put on the DVD and look at the project as a whole.

If we decide to put cut scenes from the games I will set up a computer / NES / SMS / etc up and route it to one of the video decks – shouldn’t be a problem. The time consuming part will be loading the games and getting to the appropriate scenes – especially if we want to capture stuff that is in the “middle” of the game – I can’t think of any of those right now, but if there are – we might need to get people involved to play up to that point, and send in their saved games that we can load.

Way back in the day on my PCjr I recorded myself playing Gold Rush to a VHS tape – the PCjr had RCA ports built on to the box.. was pretty cool. I wonder if that tape is still around??