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(re: re: King’s Quest V for NES) Very interesting! This brings up memories (I recently finished the regular old VGA PC version you all know, but the game regularly crashed while the ending movie played – but that is a different story.)
I think screenshot #4 isn’t the lower (organ) hallway connecting the kitchen and the dining room but the upper hallway, the one leading from the bed chambers and study (#2) to the laboratory with the wand machine (#1)
It’s really cool to see what looks like a real box scan with loads of screenshots.
I tried to find screenshots for the NES version of KQV but couldn’t find any. I thought by some time that it was fake and there had never been a KQV for the NES. It was hard to believe for me anyway, since KQV was Sierra’s VGA prototype and that didn’t seem to go along well with the NES’s limited graphics support. I’d heard, however, that Sierra had always been negotiating about video game console conversions.
I wonder how this game sold (or KQ1 for the Master System.) I know there was also a NES version of Lucasfilm Games’ very first graphic adventure “Maniac Mansion”, but there were obviously no more conversions, so by the time classical adventure games had finally made it to the console market they were obviously not “state of the art” enough anymore.
Ken, do you know how the market for adventure game console conversions was`or do you remember what negotiating with Sega and Nintendo was like?
I also remember another story connected with the console conversions or rather a rumour. It said that in Leisure Suit Larry 1, the parts that were covered by “censored”-bars used to be un-censored (I’d always taken it as a joke, that it had been supposed to be as it is right away.)
Due to plans to convert the first Larry game to the Master System / NES, however, that had somehow been rejected by both companies (Sega and Nintendo) because of being too mature for the intended audience, the game was eventually censored.
Sega and Nintendo still wouldn’t want to buy the game, but from then on it was censored.
Is that correct or is it just another wild rumour? Might Al Lowe know anything about this?