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(re: I always like Sierra) Would it have been better for us to have stayed a private company? … the answer is that I honestly don’t know. I also ask myself at least once per day if we would have been better off if we hadn’t sold the company. These kinds of questions make you crazy…
As to grand kids … we wish. Neither of our sons are very good at finding girlfriends. DJ is 30 and Chris is 24. By the time I was 20 I already had a house, a wife and two kids. They’re both good looking, intelligent, and have great jobs — so, I’m not sure what the problem is. Somehow we must have raised them wrong…
On the future of Adventure games: Roberta is absolutely convinced that the market is huge for adventure games, and that it is just a matter of someone making a good one. She says she will consider coming back to the industry when adventure games start selling again.
I’m less optimistic. I do believe there’s room for an adventure game to succeed, but only if it does something new. The old style games are best left in the past. Someone needs to move the state of the art another generation forward. I don’t see any companies innovative enough to do so.
-Ken W