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(re: Thanks Ken :)) What else can I say besides “thanks” a thousand times to you Ken, the games your great company produced were a big part of my childhood and are still a part of my life today, I can’t go a day without irritating someone about how awesome it is that the half-dome mountain from the sierra logo was in my geology book, or how I beat SQ3 within 15 minutes while simultaniously cooking Ramen, it might sound strange but I consider everyone on the (former) sierra team to be good friends of mine, all the little injokes and pokes at various people and things about the company just made you guys seem down to earth, I actually look forward to all the self-promotions in the games…I don’t care what anyone says, Disney got that idea from Sierra Online…and made it highly irritating!!
:-} (blushing)
Thank you!
-Ken W