Reply To: Sierra’s stock chart


(re: Sierra’s stock chart) I think I have the old stock quotes somewhere in my files.
Unfortunately, I’m currently away from home, but will be there at Christmas. I’ll look then.
Here’s a story from Sierra’s past:
For YEARS, I had a “Beat EA” campaign. The goal was to have Sierra’s stock price pass Electronic Arts’ stock price. At the time the campaign started, we were half their price. It took us several years, but we did pass them – and, paid off by “gifting” every employee of the company 10 shares of Sierra stock.
I always had a ton of respect for Electronic Arts. I wanted our employees focused on studying everything they did, and rising to their level of excellence – specifically in the area of sales force execution. They also pioneered the concept of creating a sports franchise, and selling upgraded versions every year.
In addition to Electronic Arts, our role models were also Microsoft and Disney.
-Ken W