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(re: Is it legal to copy Sierra games if…) I’m not a lawyer… so, this is my opinion, not an official opinion (but, I believe I am right):
is it legal to copy a game from a friend if you own the game yourself ?
I would have to say yes. Even though technically, it could be argued the other way. How could you steal that which you already own? Even if it is illegal, no lawyer would ever want to be on the prosecuting side of this one. I wouldn’t waste a lot of energy worrying about getting sued over this.
does anyone have the KQ4 AGI version, and would it be illegal to send it to the people on this site?
Here I think the law would clearly say that this is copyright infringement. Sierra would win this one if they wanted to fight it. I doubt that they really care, or would ever go out of their way to stop it, and you usually can find the old games floating around the net — but, it’s blatantly illegal to distribute copyrighted material.
I don’t mind links here to sites that have the old games, but wouldn’t put them here for download without Sierra’s permission.
-Ken W