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I guess you suffered the same problem with Sierra that Richard Garriott had with Origin.

I have always seen you and Roberta, along with Richard Garriott, as video game visionaries. What you have created basically, was nothing less than the adventure game industry. Same for ‘Lord British’ and role-playing games, at least the way I see it. King’s Quest and Ultima games, as well as the spirit of earlier Sierra and Origin companies (up to the early 90’s), represented to me what was best about the video game industry: a bubbling environment of creators – people who had a vision of entertainment that went beyond the simple need to sell games, people who kept on pushing the boundaries of technology and interactivity.

Sadly though, in your case as in Garriott’s case, your visions were lost because of other people’s corporate goals and narrower ideas. It’s sad. But I don’t hold you people responsible for those disasters; as I know, from years of reading InterAction and in-box catalogues and stuff, among other things, that you always had the best of intentions for Sierra.