Reply To: Agd Interactive or Tierra


“… (by Matthew Wanner) The Link no longer works. I would really like to know your thoughts on Tierra as well. I’ve downloaded their remakes and was very impressed.

Both Roberta and I played portions of the Tierra games. We liked them, and felt complimented, but also a little sad. They reflect a huge amount of effort and talent, that perhaps could have been put to better use.

One sin, of which I am certainly guilty, is an over-focus on financial common sense. There is no market for the Tierra games. Sierra owns all rights to them, and is unlikely to grant permission to Tierra to sell the games.

My hope for Tierra is that they use all of their technology and talent, and do something awesome with it – that moves the industry forward, rather than re-issuing old products. It’s like when I see one of the black/white movies that have been converted to a color movie. No matter what you do, it still looks old, and will never be a mainstream hit. It’s a cool trick, but, the world needs new movies.

-Ken W