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Emily – Ofcourse, and adventure game SHOULD have some kind of story, but it’s unfair to use a game like KQ6 as an example. The latter LSL games (especially 6 and 7) didn’t have much of a story at all. Sure, there was a REASON for Larry being in the hotel/on the ship, but that’s not really a story at all. Nothing HAPPENS during the game that furthers the story, except for Larry scoring a girl once again.

On a side note, this is also why I think LSL2 and 3 were the best in the series. They DID have stories where things were actually happening.

This designer diary doesn’t mention it, but there is a story about MCL, which is just as ‘valid’ as that of LSL6 and 7. A reason is given for Larry to be at that location (winning a television show in LSL6, finding a cruise ticket in LSL7, and being in college in MCL) and there just happen to be many hot girls there.

MCL goes even further; it gives a reason for Larry to start chasing girls! He’s fed up with his live as a loser, and decides to change things. My, that’s already more character development than in LSL6 and 7 together! 🙂