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Thanks for your answer, Ken!

Has anyone ever heard of Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil: Outbreak (for Playstation 2)?

I was able to play it on several occasions, and my first impressions are really positive. In my opinion, it has several really cool elements that would be perfect to use in a multiplayer adventure game. First a quick intro: you play online with four people, each player has its own specific character. You’re in a bar when zombies start invading the place. The police officer has a gun, so he can shoot the zombies, while another person searches for a key to get out of the place. Ofcourse, he could just get the key and leave the others to be eaten by the zombies …

Now, that would be possible, but not a smart move (this is the brilliant twist): When a player gets bitten often by a zombie, he turns into one himself. So an infected player can begin haunting the other ‘real’ characters … Not only would the ego├»stic player be confronted with more intelligent zombies, he would also have more problems solving the puzzles ahead. He can’t run into a dead end, but some puzzles would take a lot more time without the proper person present. So, every player would act wise to ‘keep the team together’.

All scenario’s are also playable offline. The other 3 persons are computercontrolled in this mode … It’s looking to be quite brilliantly designed, if you ask me …

– Emmanuel