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(re: Letter from the past – multiplayer adventure game)

i have been trying to figure out this for a long time. i came up with the idea of having the adventure game being just 2 player. the players would have different but equal roles in the adventure. they could do things like explore different parts of the same location and pick up items. then they could meet with each other and manipulate and share each others inventory. being a huge bond fan, i wanted to make it a spy adventure. this way they could be 2 secret agents that can work together to solve a problem. this would give lots of cool posibilities like if one gets caught, the other get them out, or distact a gaurd and the other sneak up behind the gaurd and knock him out. they could also be in constant contact with each other with their walkie talkies, or spy watches like bond, which can now be done thanks to broadband. i havent really thought about it in a while though, but i am a programmer and have a couple of servers and would be willing to make something like this if some others would help, like artists. the only thing i didnt really come up with was what to do about not having another player. like, is there a stupid bot? we all know how they work. or do you only allow multiplayer? can you support any second player, or only the original one that started the story with you? i thought there could be checkpoints where anyone could be swithed with anyone else that was to that checkpoint. i would like everyones thoughts please. i think its a good solid idea. i know everyone was probably thinking about a massive multiplayer, but i dont really see that happening. but 2 or even 3 players is probably possible. i would love to get something going with this idea. please tell me what you all think.