Reply To: Magnetic Scrolls ?


(re: Magnetic Scrolls ?) I did go to the site for Magnetic Scrolls, but haven’t yet made an effort to play the games. I really had never heard of them.
We’re in Mexico now. Our home here is in a town that is a tourist destination, so whenever we come here, we get LOTS of visitors. Roberta’s parents came for a week, then my parents, then some old friends from Sierra, Al Lowe and family just sent their flight schedule to come here, Roberta’s spanish teacher and husband are coming down, etc. When people are here at the house, I get almost no time on my computer. We do love having people here, and are having a great time – so, game play, and getting some work done on the software behind this site, will have to wait until things come down.
-Ken W
PS There are times when retirement feels like more work than work ever was.