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Hi Ken,
well, I must admit I was a bit surprised, then I thought about it and realized that you are in the States and that Magnetic Scrolls, being British, made more rumor here actually (I’m in Florence, hence Europe).
They started in the mid 80’s and produced only 7 games, among which (maybe you heard) “the Pawn” and “the Guild of Thieves”, which were text adventures with, not in all rooms, hi-res (for the time) pictures (bitmaps, not line drawing). You were able to deactivate graphics in order to play text only, for the ones who preferred. However, the pictures were nice and added to the atmosphere.

They had nice packaging, with Infocom like extras (novella, even a cassette tape for “corruption”).

Best place to look at is: 

You can also download everithing actually, for an interpreter called magnetic (which is good, even if personally I preferred the original program in terms of how the screen and pictures were put together).

If you look in eBay (al least in Europe) you will still see some of the old boxes selling quite well (rarely though, not as often as Sierra)

Actually, I remember liking some of their advs. a lot.
Well, if you will ever try them, let me know if you like them !