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It’s a chicken and egg thing though — DVD games aren’t made because there aren’t enough people with DVD drives for them to sell (or, so say the developers). But people don’t bother getting DVD drives because there are almost no DVD games available.

You say games aren’t limited by what fits on a CD… games actually seem to come on fewer CDs now than they used to. 1-3 CDs seems to be the norm, when some games were coming on 5-7 CDs in the 90s. Is it because of the trend away from FMV? Are 3D graphics more “portable”?

The jump from floppies to CDs was inevitable. Just look at how many floppies your games were delivered on in the early 90s. I’m just curious why this trend didn’t continue — with games outgrowing CD capacity. (Maybe it’s just that budgets for adventure games were slashed around the same time, and game makers couldn’t afford to put out such large games?)