Reply To: Why not DVD


(re: re: re: re: Why not DVD) My apologies for not being clear, and for perhaps misunderstanding your original question…
I have always been interested in developing games for standard consumer DVD players, but strictly because the market is so large (and the competition so non-existent). The interactivity would be limited, but there are games that could be done through using the menu-ing system. Some games have been done though doing this, but I have no idea how well they sold.
If your original question had to do with the DVD players that are in computers, then that is a different issue. To a programmer, it would look like a CD drive with enormous capacity. Generally, games aren’t limited by what fits on a CD (or, at least they weren’t in my day). I haven’t seen the stats on what the household penetration of DVD drives is — but, doubt that they are pervasive enough to make economically feasible shipping a game that required a DVD drive.
-Ken W