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Signor Giovanni is right about Infocom.

I do believe that the adventure isn’t dead at all, but is merely evolving into something we don’t know.

It’s the same evolution made by a new generation of hardware every 2.5 years.

As I have stated in previous posts, I believe in adventures played like console adventures (Banjo-Kazooie format), then the type of games we liked could be made easily, and extremely similar to play mechanics as the older adventure games we all love.

This’s where, I believe, King’s Quest 8 was headed in the right direction. Though I personally don’t like KQ8, it’s pretty good, nonetheless.

The other way adventure could go in back to the VGA days in play mechanics. I mean, why not? It wouldn’t cost the company any money compared to today’s standards, and I really believe that the games would be snatched up, for 2 reasons: 1) The game should be priced between $10 and $20 on a standard CD-ROM and 2) It would be so simple of a program (like Tierra’s remakes) that the games could run on a 486 or Pentium, making it usable for a group of consumers that were buying Sierra games a decade or so ago. With a few drivers and such, these games can run on multiple OSs such as Linux and Mac as well as Win 3.x or whatever. Hell, it could be designed so far to even run on a console or DVD player, but it would be very crude from my own visions.

I feel that this market out there, like the techno market in music (sells in every nation the genre is released, but not even promoted in the US making the record companies blame us for piracy when it’s actually bad music=bad sales), there is an audience for good, cheap games that are simple to run/install and play, and aren’t graphically confusing.