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(re: Non-Compete Clauses, and More)

I feel you have the right idea, Ken. I’ve been running small businesses for about a decade now, and all the local traveling and meetings, and finding this and that and so on and so forth . . . when do I have the time to spend the money? I guess that’s why I went back to college.

With who you are and such, starting a new company seems very encouraging, though retirement must be just as nice, or even better.

Picasso believed that by working all of the time, he’d live forever. He was 97 when in died in the ’70s. I guess he was right.

Picasso also believed great artist steal. But that’s another topic altogether.

People on this website, Al Lowe, video game chat rooms on Yahoo! and AOL are all complaining, time and time again, that video games are either sports games, lousy extreme games, first-person shooters, EverQuest clones, Mario 64 clones or Tomb Raider clones. What’s sad is both Mario and Tomb Raider games are not selling too well.

Lastly, in the last ’70s, you and Roberta did something that wasn’t possible to do on the computer. Then in 1984, you did it again. And in 1988. And in 1989. And in 1990. And in 1993, 1994, 1996 and then poof! I remember an old promo *.AVI file on the first King’s Quest collection that had somebody saying, “We were doing VGA on EGA, and we are doing SVGA on VGA–” then the clip switches from there to a similing Al I think. Hell, I watched all the *.AVI files on that CD. The in-sight was great, but the posting you do here really shares the actual work involved. The point is, though, you and Roberta have a magic touch in PC gaming that’s just hibernating and waiting for a comeback. What that is, I don’t know myself.