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(RE: You fell off KENNY BOY!! YOU FELL OFF!!!) Well dammit, before I was just pissed off at you for being greedy, now this is ridiculous…. I used to be so fond of you…. I thought you were the one guy with money who actually knew how to run a game company and who actually cared about the gamer…. There must be something you can do, you should get the team back together…. I think there still is an audience for the same type of games you were making…. As soon as you made KQV, ALL WAS LOST…. I knew from that point on it was only a matter of time before the quality of the games was lost to the quality of the graphics and everything else that did not matter…. The SCI hybrid engine that made QFG 2 was perfect, all you needed was a little better graphics…. Have you heard of Tierra? They made King’s Quest I and II vga remakes that are breath taking… Also they are making a QFG 2 vga remake that looks stunning… thanks for the reply… Also i think you did a very poor job with the sierra remakes, qfg-1 was the only one that added anything, kq1 and pq1 remakes were horrible, never played the sq1 remake…….. but boy did i love sq3… i think someone is making a good remake…… Also, how did you start these games? I contacted jim walls and he said you just found him one day and offered him the job… police quest…


(Grin) … Tony: I agree with you that Tierra is doing great work. Hopefully the new owners of Sierra won’t shut them down. As to me personally – I have no idea what the future holds. I did games for nearly 20 years. In some ways, I was burnt out on it. If I had a really awesome idea for a game, or if Roberta had a serious urge to do a game, we might consider it – but, that’s not reality. For right now, I like being able to travel and play golf – and, write code several hours per day.

-Ken W