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(RE: You fell off KENNY BOY!! YOU FELL OFF!!!) I did suspect what would happen, but convinced myself it wouldn’t. Generally when a large company buys a small company, the result is a disaster. But, I thought our acquisition would be an exception to the rule.

The company was purchased by one of our board members; Walter Forbes, of a company called CUC. I had known him for years, and had great respect for him. We were assured that I would be left in charge of everything product related, and none of the things that made Sierra special would be changed. I would not have sold the company, regardless of price, had I known, or had even the vaguest indication, of what would occur.

As it turned out, the Walter Forbes I knew may not have been the person I thought he was. His company, CUC, was fabricating hundreds of millions of dollars in fake profit. Promises made at the time of acquisition were not kept. Civil and Criminal litigation continues to this day. Mr. Forbes may someday soon experience real time in jail, along with other members of his senior management.

I was not the only one fooled by CUC. Investors across the country lost BILLIONs (seriously) through believing in Mr. Forbes and his company.

As to your question about making a new home for Sierra’s employees: I was locked out of the game business for five years. That time has expired, and I have thought from time to time about going back into the business. We may do so someday – but, I doubt it. I contacted Sierra a couple of years ago, to see if I could help them out, but they weren’t interested.

-Ken W


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No, Mr. Williams, I do realize you sold it…. Did you not know what would happen? Come on… Market trends, cost effeciency… you know how the big companies work… How come you didn’t take that money and make a new home for sierra employees? what do u do now?