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“… Are you in Mexico city or in some other state?

Viva Mexico!

Guillermo Carrera”

We have a home in Cabo San Lucas. Roberta and I have been coming to Mexico
for over 30 years! We’ve driven many thousands of miles in Mexico, from the
US to Acapulco, as well as the length of Baja several times. Our original
plan was to live in Puerto Vallarta, but we saw a piece of land we liked in
Cabo and decided to build a home here.

We’ve seen most of Mexico, except Mexico City. Sooner or later, we’ll spend
time in Mexico City, but I’m not a fan of big cities, and I’ve heard too
many horror stories of high crime rates there. After nearly 20 years in a
small mountain community near Yosemite, even Cabo seems too big sometimes.

-Ken Williams