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(re: A web page is interesed…) Hi Mr. Williams!

Here are the questions, you can answer them when you want.

1- Those years when you used to work in Sierra: were they intense?
2- How was the first on-line experience back in the ’90?
3- You used to program your games in the beginning, why do you leave it?
4- What do you think about the new adventures?
5- How were the relationships with other companies? For instance, ERBE (Spain) or Dymamix.
6- You didn’t make a lot of purchases, but you did bought Coktel Vision. We didn’t hear anything from them since 1994. What happend with them?
7- What do you think of…?
Al Lowe?
Corey and Lori Ann Cole?
Jane Jensen?
Sierra nowadays?

That’s pretty much it for now.
Thank you very much.
Guillem Rueda.

An off-topic question:
Does Carlos Escobar speak spanish?