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(re: re: re: Take The Plunge…) Responding to both Ken and Ryan here…
Ryan, well said. I understand exactly where Ken is coming from and his desire to put Sierra back on top. With the history there, who could blame him for that? As I said, my only concern there would be what kind of limitations would get in the way of what we all know Ken is capable of accomplishing? VU should have had the foresight to get Al involved in Magna Cum Laude from the beginning, but they didn’t. This leaves me with great concerns as to the decision making process taking place and the failure to recognize what made Sierra as great as it was. On a positive note, they are interested in meeting with Ken, so far be it for me to completely dismiss them.
With regards to nostalgia (and this is more directed toward Ken now), I understand. My point is not to bring back either the games of the 80s (though I’m no way against sequels to the popular titles), neither is it to return graphic adventures to the 80-90’s style. My point is the direction they’ve taken dating back to the fall of Sierra is not an overall positive one. I’m speaking in general of course, but controls are clumsy, stories are not immersive, and they are not up to par with the demands of gamers who want to live a story, not just play it and watch. Nostaligia comes into play not to relive the past, but that we recognize who were the ones that were responsible for the games we loved. Ken, you were one of those folks that pioneered the way back then and that’s something that’s sadly missing today. Who are today’s pioneers? Who has the vision to resurrect adventure games out of rut that you speak of? Most importantly, who has both the experience and motivation? There are but a few. So, when you mention even the remote possibility of a comeback in some way, shape, or form you inevitably send shockwaves of excitement and anticipation through the gaming community, not to mention hope. Dramatic? Perhaps so, but we’re thirsty after close to two decades of drought with few exceptions here and there.
We gamers will support you and Robert regardless of the vehicle (your own company, working with Sierra, etc). We will do so not out of nostalgia, but because your efforts are worthwhile and productive and that has been proven. Should you or Robert complete another game we will be ready. Should you decide to get involved with Sierra, we will trust your judgement and we will be ready. Naturally, we’d love to see you with your own company for the reasons I mentioned the first time around, but if you feel you can help Sierra make a comeback, we have no reason not to believe your judgement.
In closing, we understand that you’re making no promises, but the community of thirsty gamers will continue to anticipate and remain hopeful for what tomorrow may bring.
Paul Lilly