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This is just opinion of course, but,


I think nostalgia drives gaming more than you might give it credit for. What Sierra gamers want is not rehashes or replicas of the Sierra games from the 80’s, but as you said, pioneering new kinds of games. But people remember who made those games, who the characters were in those games, and where those games took place.

Think of the Final Fantasy games. They are working on #12 now. They are hugely successful worldwide, and they keep evolving with the technology. Just like REAL Sierra games did. I remember when our family bought a “Multimedia” PC, just so we could play King’s Quest V on CD… That was a $1500+ investment just to play 1 game! Such as I bought a new video card so I could play Final Fantasy XI on my computer. But I wouldn’t say wanting a new Final Fantasy game because I loved the older ones (I played since #1) is nostalgia. Final Fantasy is just a name, but people know they are in for a treat when they play one.

That’s the way the games Sierra used to make made me feel. I would buy whatever RAM, Disk Drive, whatever I needed to play KING’S QUEST. And boy it usually needed it!

I think that’s why so many people want SIERRA to come back. Not so we can have games using the SCI engine, but NEW games, using NEW technology, but still…SIERRA games. Not “VU Games, powered by Ken Williams” (no offense, sir)

We want a NEW King’s Quest, made by Roberta and you, and NEW Space Quest, made by Scott and Mark… A NEW Quest for Glory by Lori and Corey. But not games that just repeat history… Like you said, they have to be pioneering! But that can work and still wear the King’s Quest and Sierra brand. I’ll buy a faster computer to play it! But I wouldn’t buy a faster computer to play “Grand Racer 5000” or “Football 2000” (joke names 🙂

It always just felt like the old Sierra became some old dog that was taken out back and shot… I never got a “Farewell” from King Graham, or a “Goodbye” from Roger Wilco. Just ……. nothing. Then Sierra became just a logo, and now, it can’t do much good at that.

Games like Metroid, Final Fantasy, etc, are all games that one could be “nostalgic” about, simply because many have played the old games. But they want the new ones so they can see the characters and the world they started grow both in story and in graphics. It would seem for King’s Quest and all the other games your company started, that they just died. No endings. Just a void.

It is good to hear that you are somewhat interested in the industry again, but I find it very very hard to get excited about you working for VU games. Sierra was yours! You sold it and they killed it! It just doesn’t sound right.

Please do not take me as trying to tell you what’s right or wrong or how you should order your life Ken. These are just my opinions and should be taken lightly as always.

Please don’t blame me for wanting what many want, not out of nostalgic thought’s, but out of sadness for what we once had, that suffered such a horrible fate.

I of course wish you and Roberta good luck and good wishes on whatever you may attempt!


I’m with Paul Lilly on this one 🙂