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> Actually .. our boat is no longer in France. We moved our
> boat from France to Florida (via freighter) to position
> it for the cross-atlantic trip that starts next month.

Ah, OK. So the trip is the other way around: from the US to Europe.

> Whereas this has never been an issue for me, it is an
> issue for many of them. There are some muslims who don’t
> like americans (as an understatement).

I understand. Have you personally experienced any kind of threat or anything unpleasant? I would think that these people are a very very small minority, especially on the Riviera, but I may be wrong…

> Until things calm down, I think we’ll cut back our time
> in france.

That’s a pity. Still, I’d think the situation could change quickly in the near future…

> PS We usually rent a villa at Cap Taillat, which is near
> where you live..

I can’t believe it! That’s *really* near where I live. I live in Gigaro, far less than 10 km from the Cap Taillat. You must appreciate the fine wines of the “Bastide Blanche” 😉

If you ever come to this place, please drop me a message.

Have a nice trip on the Atlantic, and take care, that’s an adventure (but you’re used to adventures 😉 ).