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(re: Ken: meeting you and Roberta (was re: re: Ken : The new picture)) Vincent:
Actually .. our boat is no longer in France. We moved our boat from France to Florida (via freighter) to position it for the cross-atlantic trip that starts next month.
Our current plan is to sell our boat slip in France (just outside Monaco) and move the boat back to the US. I love France, speak french, etc– but, (how do I say this politically correctly?) as you are aware, there is a significant percentage of the population in France who are muslim. Whereas this has never been an issue for me, it is an issue for many of them. There are some muslims who don’t like americans (as an understatement). Until things calm down, I think we’ll cut back our time in france.
-Ken W
PS We usually rent a villa at Cap Taillat, which is near where you live..