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Perhaps this is just my ignorance of how big business works, but did you (Ken) HAVE to sell Sierra? The one aspect of Sierra’s story that has always confused me is how successful or unsuccessful the company actually was. I’ve read how the games sold millions of copies, how great designers (such as Al Lowe and Roberta) were dedicated to the company, and how great Oakhurst was, then what happened? Was it that internet network that brought everything down? Was it piracy? Or did you (Ken) simply want to expand the business so you took other risks that didn’t pan out? Or was it simply that you were ready to leave and you wanted to sell for no other reason than to make money and split? Maybe these questions have been answered on another board or in another section of the site – if this is true, then would someone please point me in that direction? Otherwise, maybe giving some more information on this would answer a lot of questions that we the fans have.