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Though not written in the best of English or termology, this poster is quite right.

I hold Ken and Roberta in the highest regard for running a business. They ran, to me, the most historically powerful PC game company ever. (Nintendo is the historically powerful on consoles.) To tread new ground and take the risks going along, writing the book as the road was being paved . . . in essence, Sierra, under the Williams, was all that is America and that America can be.

I feel that unless a person in a business owner of at least five years in entitled to offer insight or any sort towards any other business. And when I mean business, I mean small or large, OTC or publicly offered, contracted or creative.

Thanks to Ken, and the PowerPoint presentation he posted a while ago, it’s opened up even more success in my small business to know that even a large company like Sierra started out like me. I admire this forever from the Williams.