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It’s unfortuante that nothing came of you contacting them. It actually sounded really promising when I read your first message that spoke of meeting with the CEO. Of course, I find that most things coming out of Sierra/VU Games nowadays always sounds promising at first, then gets scrapped later on (like the cancellation of the new Space Quest last year, cripes, will this game ever get made?)
I get the vibe from reading various sources (such as this fine site) that no one who has a shred of power in the corporate heirarchy actually cares about the company itself. They don’t seem to want to put forth the resources and talent needed to innovate, or generally even make a good product. I remember back when my family got its first computer (1993 WOOH!!!! Packard Bell!!! Ok ok, we were slow adopters when compared to other posters here, so sue us :P) that computer stores were loaded with Sierra products. I remember buying Space Quest IV (2 years old by that point, but in the perfect price range for a youngin’ looking for a game to impress his computer-lacking friends) and watching a demo movie of Police Quest III playing on a computer at a local Radio Shack and thinking how cool it looked. Now, you walk into a store and MAYBE see one product with a Sierra logo on it (usually a friggin’ collection, like Half-Life or something).
I also wonder how much is left of the former Sierra. During 1998-2000, the company seemed ok enough. Sure, adventures weren’t on the agenda (last one was Gabriel Knight III I believe), but atleast there was a relatively constant flow of new product. A good balance of internally produced software (SWAT 3, Gabriel Knight III) and externally produced software (Homeworld, Half-Life) meant a robust selection of quality titles. Now, I can’t even remember the last title actually produced BY Sierra. Until I heard of SWAT: Urban Justice (which has been in development for 2+ years, so it better be good), I actually thought the company had no development studios internally at all. They outsource everything now, even flagship titles, such as Leisure Suit Larry and (at the time) the rumoured Space Quest.
Despite all these problems, I believe Vivendi is to blame. The company has such a stranglehold on Sierra that I can’t blame the lack of creative freedom, what with all the corporate problems. VU Games has also taken quite a bit of publishing from Sierra (apparently VU will publish Half-life 2 & Leisure Suit Larry 8), which makes me wonder if Sierra isn’t just a brand name to grab a few nostalgiac gamers who happen to glance at the game and recognize the logo.
Hopefully Vivendi will get its act together, and hencefore, enable Sierra to get its act together. I hope you don’t completely give up trying to offer your services. Eventually, someone has to come along who actually gives a damn and will listen.
Oh, and by the way, thank you very much for lengthy response. It’s very heart-warming to know you take the time to craft an intelligent response that answers all the questions, unlike other game message boards where developers might drop in every few months and leave a few badly-spelt messages that don’t really say anything.