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Adventure gaming isn’t dead. The whole industry has shifted to the “Rock-em sock-em Robots” run run run, shoot shoot shoot. But let me ask you, in 10 years do you think people will be pulling those games off of their shelves and giving them another go like Classic Sierra games have been know to do? In 10 years they won’t even have them. They would have been thrown away years before. But I look at my shelves upon shelves of every Sierra Game ever made. And notice a lapse. Hum. Not one new one since the company was sold?!?!?!

<< You got me thinking, too… When Toy Story (movie) came out, the whole movie industry did not say “This is the future.” We still use humans. When the first 3D games came out, the whole industry changed to that way… it wasn’t really until Flash came about that people really started to care about 2D passionately. Movies had close to a century of history so it wasn’t changed significantly, but computer games had around a quarter century, and yet everything went one way. Yet anime and cartoon tv shows seem to be a lot more popular than 3D tv shows. Why is there a different standard for games than other forms of entertainment? Why do we like romance, drama, action, adventure in movies and tv shows, but only realism in computer games? The biggest argument I hear is “It’s more real.” Honestly, there’s enough “real” out there in the real world, I don’t need a computer to tell me. I want to be entertained and have a chance to escape reality!