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(RE: A suggestion for Ken Williams) <X-TAB> </X-TAB>I also still like to play through all my old Sierra adventures on a semi-regular basis. Within the past couple years I have replayed every game in the King’s Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Conquests, and Gabriel Knight series, plus a few other individual games, at least once. Sometimes to introduce my wife to them, other times just because I felt like playing them again.
<X-TAB> </X-TAB>Fortunately, I still have an old computer with a Pentium 166 running MS-DOS 6.22. It’s also got an actual Soundblaster 16 card, and a Roland SCC-1 MIDI card, so sound and music for the games is authentic, rather than poor emulation attempts. I keep this machine around just for the purpose of playing old games. You don’t have to mess around with emulators or tweaking settings when you still have the type of hardware and software the stuff was designed to work with in the first place. 🙂 Just hope none of it ever dies on me… (While most of the machine’s parts have been replaced at least once, the keyboard, case, power supply and floppy drives are originals from when I got the machine in 1991! And even the rest of the parts which have been replaced are all at LEAST 7 years old. Heck, even if my DOS boot disk develops errors I’m kinda screwed.)

– Greg Smith