Reply To: sierra’s future


(re: sierra’s future) Thank you for the kind words….

I have been speaking with Brad and Brandon (the site admins) about putting up a FAQ for newbies, and it’s definitely our intent to do so.

In a way, it isn’t that bad answering the same questions over and over .. when I’m lazy I just post a link to a prior message, but usually I answer the question again. It’s fun to see if I remember the same things, the same way on different days.

There are some topics, where if I had stopped after my first answer, the full story wouldn’t have come out.

Anyway…. we’re all thinking the same thought – we need a FAQ with answers to the common questions. Keep watching… it will appear in the next month or two. The tricky part is that we decided to put in links to the original messages, rather than just capturing my comments. It’s more interesting when you see the full discussion.

-Ken W