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(re: sierra’s future ) Look, here I am butting my head in again…

I don’t know why a lot of people are here, but I’d imagine at least a few of them are here for the same reason I am – I have incredible memories as a kid (I’m 25 now) of playing and experiencing Sierra games. I don’t remember finishing any of them, and knowing my attention span I probably didn’t, but I remember how incredible it was to play the games, and how they felt like worlds of their own, as opposed to Ms. Pac Man munching little balls and ghosts around the same screen, over and over. These games were MAGIC to a lot of us, and you were the man behind the curtain, at the end of the yellowbrick road.This is why it’s still fascinating for me to come here and chat with you.

I’ve know a few moderately famous people in my time, all in the music business, and I’ve never met anyone who has taken as much time as you have to respond to fan requests, questions, etc. To make it even more remarkable is that you aren’t really famous as much as you are a legend – in 50 or 100 years when college classes are taught by historians on interactive gaming, Ken and Roberta Williams will be there alongside Nolen Bushnell, Shigeru Miyamoto, and other pioneers. So it goes from remarkable to mind blowing.

I believe, based on viewing a lot of these boards, that the discussion seems redundant due mostly to newbies. Although it’s extremely polite, you don’t have to respond to the same stupid questions (“Do you regret selling Sierra?”) over and over. Have one of your admins create a few good FAQs answering these questions, and then allow the Sierra discussions to continue in positive directions. Don’t censor discussions, but only respond to negative questions and discussions if they are original or haven’t been addressed before. But please continue to participate in the nostalgia discussions. Otherwise this site might lose some of it’s magic, and there is a ton of magic floating around right now!

Thanks again for everything, and have fun on your trip!