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Dear Ken,

I am finally starting to ‘feel’ what you are saying. I too am starting to get tired of dwelling on the Sierra “of old”. It’s getting all the more obvious day to day that the only chance of Sierra coming back is for the owning company to die (and who knows what else) and for us (all of us) to buy back the name and logo that “you know who” is simply stamping on boxes as they please.

And of course the logostics and odds of that are insane…

Maybe we should put away the rusty sword and forge a new one.

I think we could make a game. Easily. Yes that sounds nuts. But soon I will make an attempt to answer all our wants, to break the trend of mindless games, yes, they sell, and yes, I have played and bought many of these (who doesn’t enjoy a good game of Battlefield:Vietnam 🙂

Thusly I think this site you have created has already done ALOT of the research work. If we were to look back at all the posts, it would show a good deal of what we and you would like to see in a game… Something new, something exciting.. Just like the original KQ was to us.

Memory is a flicker of light, left behind in the heartland.

Let all this hope for Sierra, etc, be the starting point, not the resting point.

Anyways, good luck on your boat trip Ken, keep the fire alive and I’m sure some good ol’ brainstorming will be fun!