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(re: sierra’s future ) I like the idea of creating something 🙂

I don’t post much here really as I don’t have much to say but I try and vist a few times a week to see if anyone has posted anything of interest. I too am quite ‘bored’ of reading the same old statement with regards to Sierra. Please do not be offended, but reading the 100th post saying how Sierra taught you English and how dissapointed you are at how they don’t do what they used to do is old news. Sierra the name lives on but the company we once admired changed dramatically when Ken left the helm.

Also, the games industry changed incredibly quickly over those years and the results are for all to see – generally not enough creativity, not enough ‘real’ competition, lots of me-too’s and [seemingly] apathy for the customers! This is not just leveled at the company named Sierra, but mostly all the publishers who lack, or don’t fully promote/exploit, inhouse development teams.