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(re: Ken, here’s a memory test for you) Ken-
What’s on the table in front of you and roberta in the day after wedding picture? My best guess is an ashtray. My partner in crime here says it’s a fruit bowl. Just curious.
-Cory Bear
I’ll show this to Roberta when she wakes up and see if she has a better answer – but, I think I remember that it is a serving dish of some sort. It had different pockets for different nuts, or raw veggies or whatever. Neither Roberta or I smokes, so it couldn’t be an ashtray.
Here’s a silly bit of history: For a very brief period during my highschool years, I would carry cigarettes, and even roll a pack up in my shirt sleeves (when the teachers weren’t around). At the time, smoking was considered “cool,” and a great way to meet girls was to offer them a cigarette. The shirt-sleeve bit was so that it was easier for the girls to notice you had cigarettes and ask for them. I actually never smoked any of the cigarettes, other than trying one once – which about killed me with coughing. I don’t remember Roberta ever asking for one, so apparently their functionality as a female-attraction device is also not clear.
My childhood was a short one. I met Roberta when I was 16, and from that day to this we’ve been virtually inseparable.
-Ken W