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I always found it really really that big companies say that there isn’t a desire for adventure gaming (games not focused on combat but instead focused in the journey between point A & B), but they stopped making them THEN said that there wasn’t a desire. 🙂 But then agin, the 13 year old pimple face kids have spoken (and counter strike is what they said)

You know Ken, I read that power point pres you make in 2001 (about the success of sierra on-line) and agree with you. 🙂 Most companies today don’t experiment (Nintendo did good with their latest Zelda & Metriod for Gamecube. VERY creative!). They would be more suscessful if they did!

I wish I had money. I tried to convince a couple friends of mine to start a game company (well, just a company at first), one of them said yes, but the other one only wanted to program utility applications, not entertainment. 🙁 Oh well. We could of been the next sierra. 🙂