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(re: re: re: re: 25 Aniversery) Don’t worry I never get bored hearing things about Sierra =). I’m also studying to be an IT consultant and if they’d hired me you know how thick my researchbook would have been hehehe. I don’t know what’s up today with big companies buying smaller companies. I know Sierra did but the smaller companies didn’t suffer from the takeover (or did they?). Samething happened with Microsoft buying Access Software. AS made some amazing games in the old days! Anyone remember Crime Wave. First game I played on my trusty old XT that supported 256 Color MCGA graphics and digitised music and voice effects! Those guys were brilliant…
Anyway I worked at a store called cd-rom land (I got the job because of my gaming knowledge) to make some extra money and after a year we were sold and taken over by some bigger store. 2 weeks later they opened two new cd-rom land stores in our vicinity with some new employees (sp?). Every thursday we had a meeting with all the personnel and this time with the personnel from all 3 stores. After the meeting we invited everybody to have some drinks with me and my colleagues. We just wanted to make some new friends. Of the 23 only 4 went with us… Our other colleagues didn’t feel like coming with us because they thought we sucked (so our boss told us). The 2 new stores were bigger, better looking and more expensive than our “old” store. We weren’t professional enough (we gave our customers walkthru’s for games for free and sometimes they could even call us at home if they were stuck) and our store would never make more money than theirs. So you can guess what happened… After 3 years the 2 new stores have been closed and we are the only store left! It’s not just the name of the business you buy that makes it great, it’s the people that work there that make it great! We just loved working there, we played games when we weren’t too busy, we talked about games, we took game stuff home (man those 3 meter posters rocked! 😉 ) we even held LAN party’s there. Some of my colleagues even stopped by at the store just to chat and they didn’t even have to work! I made some very good friends working there… Anyway like I said it’s the people that make it great not just the name of the company; although I do have to admit I bought some games I never heard of just because it had Sierra on the box. e.g. Shivers and Mission Force Cyberstorm. Fortunately I was never disappointed… Can’t say the same now…….