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I remember John Carmack said in one of his interviews, he chose to write and maintain the 3D engine used in Quake from scratch to be able to constantly innovate. Peter Molyneux (Black and White) said something to the same effect, “If 3D graphics will be your main selling point, the engine has to be in-house.” I’m in the opposing camp, I believe DirectX provides most of the tools necessary and allows developers the ability to leverage the state of the art hardware video accelerators out there.

But with regards to game creation engine (ex. AGI/SCI, etc.) as opposed to graphics engine, I definitely think we should own the game engine so we are in control of our destiny.

A lot of stuff to learn and write though!

It just occured to me that there were several new game concepts that were developed in the past few years, many quite good. Namely Animal Crossing (gamecube), Black and White (good concept but poor implementation), and Grand Theft Auto. Haven’t tried Syberia yet, heard it’s quite good.

I was downloading some of sierra’s old music from SQ3 and Leisure Suit Larry last night. A decade has passed yet I am still in awe at the quality of the music. It brought back a lot of those sierra memories, and for a second I felt like I was back in another time. I think Ken W wrote about this in one of his posts, the ability to create a cinematic experience to get that special feeling in the game. This is what the newer games are lacking, and what we should aim to create.