Reply To: Making a Game


(re: Making a Game) LOL – this must be the million dollar question.

You might as well be asking for a few hundred pages of advice! I’ll give you two starting ideas though.

– What is your game about? Do you have a story? Characters? Ideas about style of artwork, resolution, interface? These are some basic questions that you should plan in a good amount of detail before you start putting a team together. If you just jump into this, you will probably go the way many fan teams go. If you have a plan, you will realize what you’re getting into first, and you will likely have more success recruiting people to help you.

– Why are you making the game? For fun? To learn about game making? If you are serious about making a game, then you need to know why you want to make it. This will again keep you going once you realize what you’re getting into, and again it will also give you focus if you try to recruit people.

If you haven’t covered those 2 points, then don’t worry about the rest yet. If you’ve got those 2 thoroughly covered, then I can tell you about some other ideas.