Reply To: Sierra & id software 1992?


(re: Sierra & id software 1992?) It’s a true story. I’ve told it a few times, and was amused to see it retold in a book about Id recently.

I wish I had been able to persuade them to work with us. I would have pushed harder, but I have never been into violence, and really didn’t want to publish violent games — even knowing that I had a fiscal responsibility to shareholders to “do the right thing” for the company.

A funny part of the story is that I didn’t realize how “casual” they were, and met them at a fancy french restaurant. I wore a coat/tie, and they showed up in totally ripped up clothing, and in flip flops. I didn’t care, and would have happily swapped them clothes – but, the restaurant was freaked out. I was a good customer, so they moved us off to a private room, where we were stared in amazement by any of the restaurants other patrons who happened to see us.

It was a great evening, and one I shall never forget. They are amazing guys and deserve all the success they’ve had.

-Ken W