Reply To: Idea for you Ken


I cut my teeth on King’s Quest. I used to BEG my parents to go to the mall so I could play KQ on the Tandy 1000 at Radio Shack! They finally got me one with both KQ1 and KQ2. Back then they used to self-boot. Remember that. Enough background, I came here to answer the origional question:

The older AGI “Classics” can be run via a program called NAGI. Tandy 3 voice sound is even emulated!!! This is a complete rewrite of the origional AGI engine that ran KQ1-KQ3 (a verson of KQ4) as well as many other of the similar releases of other series. You can find NAGI at:  Another AGI rewrite is SARIEN (sound familiar?). You can find it here:  If your are looking for a community of support for playing older Sierra related games check out this site:  FREESCI is the project to do the same for the SCI games. It currently does not support the 256 color games. It can be found at:  SCIStudio is a Windows based game creation tool for creating true SCI based games EG: KQ4/5, SQ3/4 etc. So the projects you asked for are out there, but in the case of SCI, they have a long way to go. My wish for Ken is to consult these guys. Help ’em out Ken. They need technical data to go on. They’ll do the coding if they could just get the info they need to make it happen. Slip ’em some source code! Nobody’ll tell.