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This idea has always been a good one. Why it hasn’t been put to full force is a mystery to me. There are so many emulators for video game systems, etc.

It would be nice to have a Windows based program called ” The Sierra Game Emulator” In my wishes it would do this. Of course you would start it like any other Windows app. But let’s say you start the app. You have a Windows like GUI where you could “install” games that you already own. Say you own Police Quest 2, and King’s Quest V CD. You could select those games from a list, and then click “install” The program itself would prompt you to insert the media needed, and then you are done. You then have a list of “isntalled” playable games in your list. Select it, click play, and the app automatically set’s your computer’s resolution, color depth, and sets up the needed sound emulation to make the game work, and work as well as it was made to.

Here is the thing. We could ask Ken to do this, but I can’t blame him for a damn second for not wanting to. “Sierra” (whatever that means today) should have such an app available, at the very least for purchase, along with bargain priced versions of the games intended for such an app.

For Vivendi or whatever you want to call it today, to not offer even BASIC MEANS to play the games their own purchase of this company was based on, is simply insane. If a group of fans would give a crap enough to make such an app FOR FREE, then how much more odd and wrath-inducing is it for Vivendo (did I say that?) to not offer such an app?

The only thing that makes me sad is that Ken wishes he would have started something more fun than this site, and the underlying software that he spends his free time developing. Ken, the lack of fun you are having is nothing compared to the sense of closure you have given fans such as myself after your sale of Sierra. You have closed a wound by simply giving us a means by which we can get those last thoughts out, and business or not, we deserve that much, even though you do not OWE it to us.

So thank you, and don’t go away again.