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(re: Thanks!) Since everyone else is talking about their childhood fantasies I might as well chime in.
I too was always trying to think of ways at the age of 8 back in the early 80’s on how I could get out to California and convince Ken to let me give it a try, I just had to work for this company. Growing up then I would basically memorize the Sierra newsletters, save all the mailings that came to my door, and save money up to buy the next game. I remember saving up $50 for King’s Quest III and my dad really quizzing me to make sure I wanted to spend a whole $50 on a computer game!!! YES DAD YES!!!!
Back at age 8 before I really understood how high/low level languages and interpreted languages worked, I would always try and figure out how they got all the high color graphics and animation to work on my little IBM PCjr, I would sit for hours in BASIC writing little animation routines, and couldn’t ever get the screen to refresh fast enough. I remember in one Sierra Newletter you guys talked about some of the programming logic about King’s Quest IV, you guys had a snippet of code in there about “Ego” “Room Numbers” and other small subroutines….I went crazy when I saw it.. it was like I was “behind the scenes”…. I even remember trying to hack into the files on the disks, to see if I could find “in-game” dialouge and such to help me when I was stuck.. I know it must sound pretty dorky.. but to be honest here today 20 years later I am operating off the same type “high” that I had in my early childhood – Sierra evokes the same exact emotions inside. It’s simply stated, “an addiction.”
Okay enough of the rambling… I’ll make room for someone else to speak…. NEXT!!!!