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(re: Thanks!) Um, yeah. At risk of sounding like a fanboy with no life (oh wait, I am a fanboy with no life. That’s all right, then), I would just like to say Thanks to everyone involved with this site, and with the making of Old Sierra. I know it’s corny, but old Sierra adventure games were a part of my childhood, and if I have a somewhat hyperactive imagination now I know that in part it’s because of those old adventure games I used to play back in “The Day” (of the tentacle? Oh, wrong company). It’s really nice to see that some fragment of that past is being preserved here. They really “don’t make ’em like they used to.” And speaking as somebody who is still a member of that skateboarding, snowboarding, rap-listening to youth that Mr. Williams was talking about under the Where Is Everyone Now topic, the new “Harder Edge” games just don’t compare. I know this is sort of digressing from the topic here, so I guess my point is…Thank You. A lot.